Our Impact

At Balance Paddleboarding, we’re about more than paying lip-service for the Potomac River. Our mission is to uncover the Potomac River’s beauty, absent from the litter that washes onto her shores.

Here in Alexandria, there’s a perfect storm of increased development, population growth, and budget constraints that, without the right action, could lead to further neglect of the natural beauty the Potomac offers. It’s time to take action.

Balance Paddleboarding is a social enterprise that will bring more people to the river to experience all that the Potomac River offers through Stand-Up Paddleboard rentals and tours while taking action to remove the litter that plagues the shores.

Picking up trash, especially when it’s not yours, is generally not fun. We get that. That’s why we will have ongoing initiatives to promote responsible care of the Potomac and its shores. We are building relationships with the two leading non-profits committed to the Potomac River’s Health: Potomac Conservancy and Potomac River Keeper Network to expand their efforts into Alexandria.

Additionally, we will be giving a $2 off voucher to each customer who brings up a piece of trash that they pull out from the water. It might seem unpleasant at the time, but over time, this will contribute to a lasting and sustainable positive impact.

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Balance Paddleboarding is here for you to

#FindYourBalance & #SaveThePotomac

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Clean-Up Events